There are so many different reasons to quit smoking and we are here to help. As a collective of former smokers, we know how difficult it is to quit and believe us when we say that we agree that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things that you will ever do. This is why we are here to cover all of the different aspects of cigarette addiction such as the oral fixation, addiction to the drug itself, and the addiction to the sensation and satisfaction that comes with smoking. We are aware of all of these things and aware of how to counteract them.

So many different products exist to help people quit smoking, and a lot of them work for some people. Patches and nicotine gum would not still be around if they did not work for some people and we also understand that everyone handles the quitting process differently. But what do you do when these things do not work for you? They did not work for us and we realized that there were other things out there.

Vaping and E Cig Reviews

This is the part where we tell you what worked for us, and that was that everyone that writes for us tried and succeeded quitting cigarettes with the help of e cigs and vaporizers. Although they are technically the same in terms of how they work, there are a few subtle differences, such as the best e cigarette brands, which we highlight for the readers. Quitting smoking is all about the details, and we can tell you which one to use depending on what part or parts of smoking that you are addicted to.

Many e cigs and some vaporizers give you the same sensation as smoking, especially as it pertains to the oral fixation and the sensation. This is what drew us to many small vaporizers and e cigs and why we have found them to be so effective. There is nothing like a cigarette, and we still want them, but we understood that these were the next best things and with the right info, you can trick yourself into thinking that you are still smoking cigarettes.

Custom Juice Kits and Intake Control

The juice kit is a great way to quit smoking because it has a lot going for it that cigarettes do not have. For example, the taste is much better than that of cigarettes and there are tons of different combinations of flavors that you can use to create your own unique juice kits. A juice kit comes in flavors that cigarettes simply do not come in and that you may find more enjoyable overall.

They also allow for a sense of control. You can choose how much nicotine that you are ingesting and the rate at which you are ingesting it. Even the most basic of vaporizers allow you to adjust the settings, which if you are a heavy or light smoker is the best way to slowly reduce your nicotine intake. For us and many others, this was the best way and the only way to quit on our own terms.