The Vaporizer Movement

Yes we think that it is fair that we call this a movement. It has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue for such a long time and it is just now gaining the momentum that it deserves. It is the best way to quit smoking and it is the thing that worked for us after trying everything. The way in which it allows you to control how much nicotine you are getting is what sold it for us and the flavors of the custom juice kits are an added bonus.

Do you remember when cigarettes were advertised on television. We do, and we were aware that they were selling cancer to an entire generation. Now have you also noticed that they are able to advertise some vaporizers on television? This is because they are much less harmful than cigarettes and they are used as a way to help people quit.

Quit with the help of e cigs and vaporizers

Quit today, no longer be a slave to big tobacco and quit on your own terms with the help of state of the art e cigs and vaporizers that allow you to slowly ween yourself off of nicotine without a nasty gum or a patch that may deliver too small or too large of a dose of nicotine straight into your blood. Do what so many have done and quit the way you want to quit.

E cigs and vaporizers are designed in such a way that puts you in control. Get as much or as little nicotine as possible and adjust the settings as your cravings change (hopefully decrease). Even if you do not quit altogether, vaporizers give you the dose that you need and are cheaper in the long run.